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In the beginning... & Celebrating Our 2 Year Anniversary

It's been two years since I got my big break at the farmer's market. I had applied for the farmer's market five months previous and had heard nothing. I assumed I wasn't getting in. I mean, there are other markets to consider, but this is the biggest farmer's market in Austin, TX with over 100 vendors. This was the place I wanted to be.

But let me back up a little. It all began as a teenager, I knew I wanted to be a doctor- a heart surgeon specifically. I told everyone this was my future. And all was going well with my studies until my younger sister fell and hurt her head. It was bleeding pretty bad. I was doing all I could to help her and cleaning the wound, however I was getting woozy, dizzy, and about to faint. I knew that my dreams of a heart surgeon were sinking fast. How am I going to be a doctor, a heart surgeon no less, and be woozy and fainting??

I kept looking into other healing modalities including, massage, yoga, chiropractic, and a doctor of naturopathy, etc., but none of them really hit home for me.

Then I took a class in herbalism. This. Was. IT. From my very first class, it was what made my heart sing. It's what I had been looking for. I was thirsty for more... and I still am...

It has become my passion.

Just making my first tincture and a cough syrup for my kids, it gave me a huge feeling of empowerment. I can help others. I can take charge of my own health. And even more, I can share it with others. I feel like everyone should be able to make their own herbal products. Everyone should feel empowered, like I did. And that's why they call herbalism, "The People's Medicine".

I had spent years helping family and friends. There is no shortage of ailments- health is constantly changing.

I played with the herbs. I learned different ways to manipulate them. I learned to trust the herbs and what they can do for the human body. It was time to take them mainstream.

So I had applied for the farmer's market. I waited... waited for the universe to do it's 'thing,' about to lose hope. Then I got the call...

"So we have an opening at the market. The other herbalist left. Can you start next week?"


Now or never- right? Here it is! Show time...

I got my tent, I gathered what products I had, and I did it.

...And it took off like hot cakes. So well, that I quit my 'day job' in two weeks. Two weeks!! Never had I imagined it'd take off that fast. Never had I thought I could sustain myself and kids. Never had I thought I could be a small business owner doing what I'm passionate about. Never had I imagined...

Never had I imagined.... I'd be celebrating two years.

TWO years, going strong- through COVID, and with an even bigger vision for the future.

But first... Gratitude.

Gratitude to all the plant lovers and herbalists before me.

Gratitude to my teachers.

Gratitude to my friends and family who have supported my endeavors. And even more, Gratitude to all who have purchased my products and supported my small herbal business.


Today I have more than 150 herbal products. Many items have been created because of requests from friends, family members and customers. Everyone is working on something health related- right?

In the last two years, Monarch Herbs has sold:

2,567 tinctures

1,231 teas

956 salves, lotions & balms

170 oils

129 sprays

128 bath salts

92 syrups

65 fire ciders

... and if you've shopped with Monarch Herbs, you know that's not all the items....

Looking ahead, I would like to offer more classes: online and in person. They are currently being created and I hope will be ready early 2021.

I'm also looking for a brick and mortar place for Monarch Herbs to call home.

This store will be a place to manufacture and sell products, have room for classes and even have a greenhouse for growing herbs.

So much to do!

With love, light, health & wellness, THANK YOU ALL!!

I look forward to serving you all with the best herbal products I can create, for years to come.

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Dec 04, 2020

Thank you!!


Jim J. Baldwin
Jim J. Baldwin
Dec 04, 2020

Great herbs . Continued good luck!!

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