This custom item can be for something I formulate for you or if you have a recipe of ingredients, I can make it for you. This can be an oil, powder, tincture, spray, etc.... Anything you wish.

This custom formula will include one - 2oz or smaller of your product, plus I'll have the recipe on hand for future orders.


My research and formula, customized for you: $75.00

Includes one hour of research and customization of a formula for you, plus 2oz of your finished product.


Your recipe: $50.00

You include a list of the ingredients you want, with or without quantities/amounts. I will produce your 2oz of your finished product.


What if I've already made a custom formula with you? Order one of the other items in that category, ie) Teas - Orbit Tea. When you check out, put in the notes the name of your item that we previously created and I have a formula for. If the quantities are different, ie: not 2oz, but you want more, say 6oz, contact me and I'll make a new listing for you to purchase from.


Please include your wants and needs in the notes section when you order.


Any other questions or concerns?  Contact me here.

Custom Item