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Anew Liver Detox
Golden Rays - Ayruvedic Golden Milk
Herbal Bath Shots
Lotion Bars
Shooting Star Herbal Coffee
Adonis Tea
Peppermint-Chamomile Magnesium Body Butter
Enliven Tea
Chakra Tea - Chakra Balancing
Mend Salve - Bone & Tendon
Harmony Tincture
Halcyon Tea - Heart Calm
Pro-flow Tincture
Toadily Gone Wart Oil
Gift Boxes
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Apothecary Herbal Remedies
Monarch Herbs & Apothecary is dedicated to creating organic herbal products that improve your health and wellbeing.
We have items for adults, kids & pets... the whole family!
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Bastrop, Texas, USA
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