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Herbal Consults

Every body and every creature has the innate ability to heal themselves. The philosophy of herbal medicine is to look at the body as a whole: body, mind & spirit. Then, we use herbs to support the body’s natural processes so the body can come back into homeostasis or balance.


Initial Consultations: 

You will be given an herbal health questionnaire to fill out.

Herbal consultations include an in-depth patient health patterns such as diet, mental, emotional and physical needs.

An herbal protocol can last anywhere from 1 month - 2 years.

Once balance is achieved, a tonic blend may be suggested to help maintain health.

 Follow-up consultations are required in most cases at regular intervals to ensure treatment approaches are successful. 

Follow-up Consultations:

It is your responsibility to book your follow-up consultations.

First follow-up is usually done 4-6 weeks after initial consultation. Subsequent follow-ups are done to check-in and modify protocol as necessary.